Friday, March 09, 2007

Try Telecommuting: Employee Benefits

As an employee you know how much time is wasted each day, often before you even set foot inside the office.

You are stuck in traffic for hours on end. Instead of being on the telephone talking with
customers and clients you are forced to inch at a snail’s pace closer to the exit that will take you to yet another clogged highway.

It is therefore no surprise that so many employees clamor for a chance a telecommuting. If you have what it takes to work diligently and without direct supervision of others, then this mode of work will most likely yield great benefits for you.

While there are many benefits to this form of work, the one stated most often is the ability to spend time with your family.

There are a few other benefits that might not be as obvious, such as the fact while working at home, you are often building stronger ties with customers and clients. These important relationships ensure future growth for the company, which will help you to personally reap greater profits by establishing that one on one relationship so many consumers crave.

Add to this the heightened productivity you will experience as a result of no longer being subject of the traffic congestion that is so frequently found everywhere, and you can see how your personal sales will begin to take off!

Some wagging tongues will attempt to belittle your efforts, and quite possibly even make you feel guilty for taking a coffee break, taking Rover for a quick walk, or simply for doing a load of laundry in between assignments. As long as you are not taking more breaks than working, ignore these slights. Short breaks and a change of scenery are akin to the trip to the kitchen at work to refill your coffee ... and I'll bet those back at the office take breaks here and there as well!

The benefits of taking a break are many: You get away from everything for a bit, exercise, and then return quite often with a fresh perspective and ready to give it even more of an effort.

Interestingly, one of the greatest benefits to telecommuting for the employee is rarely mentioned: the fact that disturbances by other employees are all but eliminated. You know how frustrating it can be when suddenly someone enters your office to chat, or to ask for your help with a task, or simply because they want to discuss an aspect of a project with you. The time it takes for these briefings can be greatly curtailed by telecommuting, thus allowing you to complete your assignments faster and with much greater efficiency. This in turn might allow you a bit of leisure time toward the end of the day that you would not have been able to realize otherwise.

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