Thursday, March 22, 2007

Working At Home Has Real Advantages

Many nine to fiver’s are bucking the system by starting a home-based business. Confinement to a cramped cubby hole in a perpetual maze of dividers and battling road rage heading to the office are things of the past for these entrepreneurs.

So what are some of the perks to having a home based business?

To start, you can keep your own hours. Your schedule is as flexible as you are. Need to see the dentist? Make your appointment for whenever. No more waiting around for that first appointment of the day or trying to find an office open after five. Kids have a mid-week soccer game? Not a problem. Better yet, you know that cable repairman that says he’ll show up sometime between 11 am and 4 pm? You can tell him, “That’s perfect.” and really mean it because you’re home all day anyways.

Working from home means that you can now embrace that chronic insomnia that made you late for traditional jobs and left you dozing off during meetings.

Here's one of the most startling advantages to starting a home-based business. Just think of all the money you save by working from home. (And I'm not talking about the tax benefits here).

There's no need to buy that new suit and impressive pair of heels. No more dry cleaning bills. Your cat doesn't care how professional you look. You can work naked if the urge strikes you, (just make sure the blinds are closed or you might get unsolicited visits from your neighbors).

You can save a bundle by eating last night’s leftovers for lunch and buying snacks in bulk at the grocery store instead of making trips to gas stations and fast food joints. Pay on average $0.35 for a a soda instead of $1.19 and watch the saving add up in a year’s time. You might even save enough to buy your own cappuccino maker and say goodbye to your local $5-a-cup coffee shop. I haven't even tallied the costs of buying lunch out which is so tempting when you're working in an office.

Remember the last time you took your car in for a tune up and the mechanic told you to start car shopping, immediately. Just think of how long your vehicle will last without those daily trips to and from work. Save gas money, get your oil changed twice a year, never replace your tires again! You don't want to know how much my gas bills have gone down since I started working at home four years ago.

These are all great perks of a home based business.

The government also gives home businesses fringe benefits in the form of tax breaks. Now, buying that computer you've been ogling for months is actually good for business, it can mean better tax breaks at the end of the year. Get money back for your telephone bill, rent, mortgage, heat, and other overhead expenses. And believe it or not, it’s completely legal. You will also have new tax breaks for travel and other perks. Talk to your accountant to make sure you qualify for, and are taking advantage of the benefits open to you.

The benefits of basing a business from your home are nearly countless. If a traditional office environment is leaving you stagnant, a home business may be just what the doctor ordered.

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