Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Walk like a leader

At Success University (, there are several courses that you can take to enhace a range of areas in your life. One of them is leadership.

Why is leadership so important to an entrepreneur? Well, if you are in a people business like MLM or network marketing, you need to be a leader in order to have people willing or lining up to follow you.

When you look at the leaders in history, there are some untangeable characteristics they possess. It's almost like they resonate at a slightly different level which draws people to them. Some describe it as magnetism, others charisma.

Here's a checklist that Success University created on leadership. An important point: like many skills, leadership can be learned. Invest in your education and build up skills in a range of areas to achieve the success you want.

1. The Leader must have a dream larger than those he/she leads.
2. The Leader must have an attitude superior to those he/she leads.
3. The Leader is responsible and admits when he/she has made a mistake.
4. The Leader is a decision maker.
5. The Leader puts those he/she leads first.
6. The Leader sets the example by being in the front of the pack.
7. The Leader displays a commitment to integrity and character.
8. The Leader strives for excellence in all things.
9. The Leader displays a commitment to personal growth.
10. The Leader has the highest level of persistence and determination.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's Impossible To Fail

Read the headline. Do you believe it?

Failure is a state of mind not a state of your reality. If you are focused on not failing, trust me when I tell you, you won't succeed.

"Fear, uncertainty, and doubt are, and always have been, the greatest enemies of success and happiness." Brian Tracy

"If you do not do the thing you fear, then the fear controls your life."
Glenn Ford

Many, many people go through life trying to avoid failure and guess what, they are so focused on that result, it often comes to them. Scary thought. Focus too hard on failure and you are bringing it to you.

When you change your mindset to focus on success not avoiding failure, the results are spectacular. Achievement, wealth and all of your dreams start to be realized. It really does work. If you are focusing on what you want, not what you are trying to avoid.

The movie The Secret explains this concept in greater detail. It is interesting once you start to think more about what you want and less about what you don't want, doors start to open up for you.

A speaker from success University, Michelle Blood, further explained this concept in her course Be A Magnet for success. When you focus on what you want, your thoughts turn into feeling then action and results. And, when you are focusing on what you really want, the universe will start to deliver. Interestingly, it might not come from the source you are focused on. For example, if you are seeking infinite wealth, and working on building a business, the wealth might come from an unexpected source not the business you are focused on ... but rest assured it will come.

When you are thinking about want you want, turning thoughts into feelings and actions, it is impossible to fail. Brian Tracy says: When you make a consistent effort to say to yourself, "I can do it! I can!" you will replace fear with self-confidence.

And guess what, if you act like you can't fail, not only will you find success but you will be living a more powerful, positive life. Do it today.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Opportunity In Disguise

This morning I was listening to a fantastic speaker. A native of Ghana, this man very early in his life set a course to come to America .... what he calls the land of opportunity. Being raised in a home with no running water, no shoes to wear and disease abundant, he learned about America and set a goal to get there. It took hard work persistence and dedication. Today, he has realized his goal, and is using his wealth to give back to the community that raised him.

I wanted to give you the quick background because he opened my eyes, especially when he shared some stats (mroe than 30% of millionnaires in America are immigrants). Wonder why? We live with abundance and yet can't see opportunity. Many of these immigrants come from nothing and see opportunity everywhere.

He talked about taking a job at university where his roommates would wait for a cheque from mom and dad. He talked about the classified job sections, which immigrants see as listings for opportunities. Pages and pages of opportunities.

How many times has opportunity come knocking and you've closed the door with a polite no thank you.

How often do you see a big problem, not a huge opportunity. When you are facing obstacles or challenges do you run from it ... rather than standing up and facing the fear. When you face a fear, you have conquered it forever.

Today, there are so many opportunities for abundance and yet so many people have their eyes closed to it.

Resolve something: resolve to see opportunity where before you might have seen a problem. Take a fresh look at the world around you and revel in your abundance. The world has now, more than ever, so much to offer if you are willing to open the door and answer the call.

Your true opportunity might be in disguise ... disguised as a big problem ... see it for what it is and grab hold, don't run away. You might be very surprised by the outcome.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude. That's the difference between immigrants and us ... we take everything around us for granted. They see it as abundance. Maybe we can learn to see our own opportunities through the eyes of those around us.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Want them to beg?

I was enjoying re-reading some articles by Kurt Mortensen, the master of persuasion. I was thinking today about how to turn prospects into recruits. I enjoy this one, as we all want people to beg us to join our business.

Here's Kurt's article:

Have you ever dealt with a prospect and had them suddenly interject and say something like, "uhm...this all sounds great. How do I get started?"

If not, you're really missing out. If so, you probably got lucky...

Or you just know how to use external dissonance.

For you to understand this exactly, it's important to know what dissonance is in the first place. For more information, go to and click on free reports. Scroll down to the "what is dissonance" link. After you've done this, you're ready.

The more somebody commits to or participates in something, the more likely they are to be persuaded. Simple enough, right? There are some great ways to use this to your advantage as a persuader. You know that your prospects have some basic things they want and need, right? Let's say you are a real estate investor. You know that it is important to your clients to close on their property quickly. So you ask them something like this: "Bob, a lot of people I deal with in this situation want to be able to close quickly. Is that something you want?" Well, what's Bob going to say? Duh!

So, here's a big surprise: when you write up you real estate purchase contract will you have a "quick close date?" Absolutely. When you apply this technique while knowing your prospects core wants and beliefs, you achieve tremendous persuasive power! In a roundabout way, your prospects will have said "I want your product." As you close, make sure you let your prospect know that your prospect includes all of the features they "said they wanted." This creates a tremendous amount of dissonance. The easiest way for your prospects to relieve this psychological tension will be to purchase your product!

*Remember: only ask this kind of question if you know what the answer will be. If you were to get a "no" in this situation the technique would have the opposite effect.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Environments for Winning

This is part of the Why we want you to be rich series but I felt it merited additional discussion.

Robert Kiyosaki talks about winning environments ... and noted these environments are ones where you need to be exceptionally talented, driven and tenacious to succeed. He notes that sometimes the fastest way to change and improve yourself is to change your environment.

For many years, I have been active in community groups, investment groups and always investing in my education through courses, night school and even online training. Through these groups and education, I have consistently expanded my context and allowed my reality to expand beyond my up bringing. I was raised in a middle class family. I was taught to value my university education, strive for a good job that would look after me into my retirement at 65. From a very early stage in my career, I had other ideas but I was uncertain how to go about it. Everyone around me were in traditional careers and roles so ideas I bounced off people sank like a lead balloon!

So what changed: I kept talking to people and networking. Eventually, I started connecting with people who, like me, believed that the old 9-5 sucked. More than that, they wanted early retirement and more time freedom to enjoy while they were young enough to have fun.

What's the message: For me, persistence is the key. Not talking "you can't do that" for an answer and rather constantly look for the how to do something. Many people will think you are nuts but who cares ... they'll still be working for someone else while you are enjoying the good life. Looking back, who was really nuts ... certainly not you!

From the book here are some ideas to create powerful environments:
* for your intelligence to grow, go to a library, bookstore or school
* for your health to grow, go to the gym, ride a bike, walk or play more
* for your spirit to grow, find a quiet spot to meditate or go to church
* for your wealth to grow, go places where people are getting rich (real estate office, stockbrokers' office, join an investment group and meet new friends who want to be rich as well
* for your world to expand, visit new places and do things you've never done.

"In other words, sometimes the fastest way to change and improve yourself is simply to change your environment."

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Why We Want You To Be Rich ... Part 5

Many who read Robert Kyiosaki's books thinks he tells people not to "go to school and get a good job". In this latest book, he clarifies what he means and I think it is an important clarification.

In fact, I think there has been such a misunderstanding about Robert's perception on school that he felt it was important to clarify it in this book. RK didn't like school and didn't do well at school, but he still recommends that all young people complete their education (which means at least 4 years of college).

Here's the rationale:
1. It gives you a time to grown up. "All I found out after I left school was how much I didn't know"
2. " A college degree is a ticket." There are still many things out there that require a college or university degree.
3. You are given the opportunity to explore many different subjects at school and you can learn different skills that will be useful later in life.

I agree wholeheartedly with this argument.

First, people are growing up way to fast. High school and university are times for fun, experimentation, and learning important life lessons, but often people are so focused on the next step in their career and life they miss it. Don't miss it.

Number 2, while I am not working as a journalist (I have a university degree in journalism), the skills I learned at university including writing skills, and management skills (honed as the production manager of our local university paper) were very useful later in my life.

One regret from my university experience was my narrow course focus. I studied journalism and history. I didn't stray into the areas of politics or economics (two subjects that would be helpful on my financial path.) Kiyosaki says that if there are two subjects he recommends, it is accounting and business law. Not because he thinks everyone should be accountants or lawyers but because they will help you see what others cannot ... Xray vision into investments. I have had to learn accounting and law on the ground and it's a big learning curve. I have a good team helping but it would have helped to have some fundamentals.

So, when you are told by people to go to school and get a good job, perhaps hear it in a different way ... go to school and get the education that will lead to riches. That sounds better to me.

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