Thursday, November 16, 2006

Opportunity In Disguise

This morning I was listening to a fantastic speaker. A native of Ghana, this man very early in his life set a course to come to America .... what he calls the land of opportunity. Being raised in a home with no running water, no shoes to wear and disease abundant, he learned about America and set a goal to get there. It took hard work persistence and dedication. Today, he has realized his goal, and is using his wealth to give back to the community that raised him.

I wanted to give you the quick background because he opened my eyes, especially when he shared some stats (mroe than 30% of millionnaires in America are immigrants). Wonder why? We live with abundance and yet can't see opportunity. Many of these immigrants come from nothing and see opportunity everywhere.

He talked about taking a job at university where his roommates would wait for a cheque from mom and dad. He talked about the classified job sections, which immigrants see as listings for opportunities. Pages and pages of opportunities.

How many times has opportunity come knocking and you've closed the door with a polite no thank you.

How often do you see a big problem, not a huge opportunity. When you are facing obstacles or challenges do you run from it ... rather than standing up and facing the fear. When you face a fear, you have conquered it forever.

Today, there are so many opportunities for abundance and yet so many people have their eyes closed to it.

Resolve something: resolve to see opportunity where before you might have seen a problem. Take a fresh look at the world around you and revel in your abundance. The world has now, more than ever, so much to offer if you are willing to open the door and answer the call.

Your true opportunity might be in disguise ... disguised as a big problem ... see it for what it is and grab hold, don't run away. You might be very surprised by the outcome.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude. That's the difference between immigrants and us ... we take everything around us for granted. They see it as abundance. Maybe we can learn to see our own opportunities through the eyes of those around us.

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