Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Walk like a leader

At Success University (, there are several courses that you can take to enhace a range of areas in your life. One of them is leadership.

Why is leadership so important to an entrepreneur? Well, if you are in a people business like MLM or network marketing, you need to be a leader in order to have people willing or lining up to follow you.

When you look at the leaders in history, there are some untangeable characteristics they possess. It's almost like they resonate at a slightly different level which draws people to them. Some describe it as magnetism, others charisma.

Here's a checklist that Success University created on leadership. An important point: like many skills, leadership can be learned. Invest in your education and build up skills in a range of areas to achieve the success you want.

1. The Leader must have a dream larger than those he/she leads.
2. The Leader must have an attitude superior to those he/she leads.
3. The Leader is responsible and admits when he/she has made a mistake.
4. The Leader is a decision maker.
5. The Leader puts those he/she leads first.
6. The Leader sets the example by being in the front of the pack.
7. The Leader displays a commitment to integrity and character.
8. The Leader strives for excellence in all things.
9. The Leader displays a commitment to personal growth.
10. The Leader has the highest level of persistence and determination.

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