Thursday, November 09, 2006

Want them to beg?

I was enjoying re-reading some articles by Kurt Mortensen, the master of persuasion. I was thinking today about how to turn prospects into recruits. I enjoy this one, as we all want people to beg us to join our business.

Here's Kurt's article:

Have you ever dealt with a prospect and had them suddenly interject and say something like, "uhm...this all sounds great. How do I get started?"

If not, you're really missing out. If so, you probably got lucky...

Or you just know how to use external dissonance.

For you to understand this exactly, it's important to know what dissonance is in the first place. For more information, go to and click on free reports. Scroll down to the "what is dissonance" link. After you've done this, you're ready.

The more somebody commits to or participates in something, the more likely they are to be persuaded. Simple enough, right? There are some great ways to use this to your advantage as a persuader. You know that your prospects have some basic things they want and need, right? Let's say you are a real estate investor. You know that it is important to your clients to close on their property quickly. So you ask them something like this: "Bob, a lot of people I deal with in this situation want to be able to close quickly. Is that something you want?" Well, what's Bob going to say? Duh!

So, here's a big surprise: when you write up you real estate purchase contract will you have a "quick close date?" Absolutely. When you apply this technique while knowing your prospects core wants and beliefs, you achieve tremendous persuasive power! In a roundabout way, your prospects will have said "I want your product." As you close, make sure you let your prospect know that your prospect includes all of the features they "said they wanted." This creates a tremendous amount of dissonance. The easiest way for your prospects to relieve this psychological tension will be to purchase your product!

*Remember: only ask this kind of question if you know what the answer will be. If you were to get a "no" in this situation the technique would have the opposite effect.

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