Friday, November 03, 2006

Why We Want You To Be Rich ... Part 5

Many who read Robert Kyiosaki's books thinks he tells people not to "go to school and get a good job". In this latest book, he clarifies what he means and I think it is an important clarification.

In fact, I think there has been such a misunderstanding about Robert's perception on school that he felt it was important to clarify it in this book. RK didn't like school and didn't do well at school, but he still recommends that all young people complete their education (which means at least 4 years of college).

Here's the rationale:
1. It gives you a time to grown up. "All I found out after I left school was how much I didn't know"
2. " A college degree is a ticket." There are still many things out there that require a college or university degree.
3. You are given the opportunity to explore many different subjects at school and you can learn different skills that will be useful later in life.

I agree wholeheartedly with this argument.

First, people are growing up way to fast. High school and university are times for fun, experimentation, and learning important life lessons, but often people are so focused on the next step in their career and life they miss it. Don't miss it.

Number 2, while I am not working as a journalist (I have a university degree in journalism), the skills I learned at university including writing skills, and management skills (honed as the production manager of our local university paper) were very useful later in my life.

One regret from my university experience was my narrow course focus. I studied journalism and history. I didn't stray into the areas of politics or economics (two subjects that would be helpful on my financial path.) Kiyosaki says that if there are two subjects he recommends, it is accounting and business law. Not because he thinks everyone should be accountants or lawyers but because they will help you see what others cannot ... Xray vision into investments. I have had to learn accounting and law on the ground and it's a big learning curve. I have a good team helping but it would have helped to have some fundamentals.

So, when you are told by people to go to school and get a good job, perhaps hear it in a different way ... go to school and get the education that will lead to riches. That sounds better to me.

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