Friday, September 08, 2006

Don't Bring Me Down

Anyone who has started a business or is thinking of starting a business knows how this feels.
You are excited about a new opportunity. You are looking ahead to greater prosperity and financial freedom. You've done your research and know the business will get you closer to your goals. AND THEN ... someone, usually someone you respect or love, dumps a huge bucket of cold water over your head and you are left shivering. More often than not, you also give up on the dream, and the idea that made you so energized in the first place.


Why do we let others control our destiny? Why do others have such control over us? In a later article we'll talk about this but for now, ask yourself some questions about your critics: Are then independently wealthy? Have they gotten out of the rat race and are enjoying the type of life you aspire to have? Are they business owners? Have they taken any steps towards financial freedom.

Chances are the answers to these questions are No.

So, why are you listening. Tune out.

If the people around you aren't as excited by what you are trying to accomplish as you are, maybe they aren't the right influences. That's not to say that everyone around you should jump on the bandwagon and join you in business, but they should be supportive.

My approach to negativity is simple. Those people who consistently pull me down, are those with whom I don't share ideas I am excited about. Those people who undermine my efforts to improve my financial situation, are ones I limit exposure to.

I foster and spend time on the relationships and people with vision. Those who support my efforts and encourage me to grow and challenge myself. These are the people we want to spend time with, not those negative nellies who can't see anything positive in life.

You can't win the game when you're sitting on the bench. And, you can't win when people around you consistently tell you you're not a good player. How did professionals get good ... practice. In business, it means getting into the game and taking a few swings. Soon enough you'll hit one out of the park.

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