Thursday, September 14, 2006

Is your mouth muted?

I was at a convention recently and a wonderful speaker was talking to us about business development and growth. He had a phenomenal presence ... one of those magnetic personalities I've talked about before.

He used a great expression that I think we should all remember.

Get your mouth off mute ... you can't build a business with your mouth on mute.

What a great expression. During many of my training and coaching sessions, I encounter people who are facing challenges with building their business. They want to make more money in their business, they believe in their business and they really want to make it work ... but for some reason, they aren't having much success.

Here's the first question I ask: How many people did you talk to today.

More often than not, the answer is no one ... and then the excuses start ...

This is what we call having your mouth on mute ... no one can hear your message if you don't open your mouth and talk to people.

Take your mouth off mute and start talking, you'd be surprised at the success you can achieve.