Monday, September 18, 2006

Pests, Guests and Pushovers

While I was spending way too much time in airports yesterday, I remembered a saying used by Kurt Mortensen when talking about prospecting. He asked the call participants if they are pests, guests or pushovers.

If you think about your techniques, they will likely fall into one of these categories.

Lets start with Guests: This this where you want to be. Your prospect has invited you in and is actively listening to what you have to say. What does it take to be a guest? The right combination of confidence, assertiveness (matched to your prospect), listening and tapping into the needs and wants of the person. When you can consistently be a guest, you will see your business soar.

Now let us talk about the other two. You will likely lean towards one or the other more naturally.

Pests: These are the people who call many times to get hold of a prospect. Are so focused on the sell, they are not listening to what the other person is saying. You won't make the sale if you are perceived as a pest. You need to back off a little, listen more, and ask more questions. We've talked about the why for building a business, when prospecting, you will have more success if you know why they are looking at what you have. Stop talking and start listening.

Pushover: These people are wishy washy and allow prospects to control the conversation and the direction of the discussion. When you are a pushover, prospects know they can give you an objection and you will fold. If you find you are tending towards this area, you need to handle objections and keep the conversation focused on the prospect and what they need (tap into their why).

We all want to be our prospects guests and by asking questions, actively listening and not being distracted, you can understand their why and have a more powerful connection that will have them invite you in ... As a guest.

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