Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Don't get discouraged!

Have you ever gotten discouraged? You start off with a bang, that fizzles.

Here's the good news ... it is normal. I would argue that if you ask anyone who has either built a business or changed their life if they felt discouraged from time to time, the answer would be a firm YES.

The measure of your ability to ultimately succeed is your ability to battled back from setbacks. Long term success will be realized when you overcome obstacles and keep you eye on the prize. As a side note, this is also the time when you should be reading your manifestations (your why) every day at least once so you can remember why you are doing this.

Common causes of discouragement include results that don't match up with your goals, people around you saying no (or telling you that you are crazy to be trying), and even you own self doubts (can I really do this?!). In my own experience, I have found that it's the self-doubt chiming away in my own head that can be the most destructive.

So, with constant reminders to "get out of my head", I refocus on the day's activities and keep pushing ahead.

Don't forget, it's only when you give up on yourself that you will fail, and I have seen it so often. Everyone can be successful in business, it takes dedication, internal fortitude, and often the support of a good mentor or coach.

So why do so many people fail? In my opinion, it is caused by a combination of factors: planning, dealing with challenges when they come up, and staying focussed on the end goal but taking small steps to get there.

Take credit for every success and stay positive about where you want to end up ... given time, success will come. When you give up on yourself, you won't reach your goal, you'll be stuck right back where you started.

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