Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Are you really secure?

I received a shocking email recently from a friend and business partner. It's someone I've worked with for a number of years and has been with the same Fortune 500 company for many years.

People would say, she has a good, secure job.

Here's the shocking part. The company announced downsizing a few months ago, and she just found out she is one of the casualties of the slowing economy. So, in the next two weeks, she'll be re-evaluating her options and considering a new career move.

When I hear about people like this, it tugs at my heart. How many others out there are keeping their heads down hoping the axe won't fall on them. How many people are sitting in their offices or cubicles figuring they have a good job, they don't have to worry.

It's an illusion.

No job is secure.

We have been watching as the governments have been making moves to protect our countries from a recession. Is is working? Time will tell but in the interim, companies are making moves to protect their bottom line and react to slowing consumer sales and weaker economic outlook.

For those of us who made the decision to start moving to the right side of the quadrant and build a business, we have a greater level of control over our destiny and future earning potential.

It's news like my friend received that reinforces my decisions, strengthens my resolve and gives me the determination I need to keep building a business that will provide the financial stability I need to retire early.

It's a wake up call for all. Safe, secure jobs ... are not so safe and secure.

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