Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Marketing 101

When I first started in this business, I thought there was some magic formula that allowed some people to be successful while others floundered around hoping to make money but never seeming to connect.

I looked around at the people who were realizing success and those who weren't to try and identify the different skill sets, characteristics or activities that made one person successful and the other not as successful.

Here's the secret: It wasn't about skill set. It wasn't about personal characteristics and it wasn't about talent.

So what does make a difference? Pure and simple. Marketing. Marketing both yourself and your product. It's really not rocket science. Like many people who are new to this industry, you seek the magic bullet. The one thing that will rocket you to success. The reality is that it's not one thing.

Now lets take a closer look at the people in this industry (or any business) who achieve success, and what do we find. They are really, really good at marketing themselves.

Am I saying that if you don't have marketing skills you won't succeed? Not really. Most good companies or programs will teach you what you need to know to market the opportunity effectively. What I am saying is you have to do it. You have to implement the marketing tools and tactics you are being taught ... and here IS the secret: You have to do it consistently. Day in Day Out while you are building the business. If you are in a true passive income business as taught by gurus like Robert Kiyosaki, momentum will build and you will be able to coast on auto pilot but you have to build it first.

I have been gathering some of the secrets from other top marketers and will start sharing them here but what is important is that you take action and start to implement them.

Oh yeah, just to clarify something. Marketing does not always mean spending money. Marketing can be as simple as publishing a blog (which is free), posting to forums (which is also free) or writing articles (which if you do it yourself is free). Marketing takes time, effort and diligence but the pay off is huge in both business growth and profits.

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