Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Where are you today? A look at Es

I talk a lot about the fundamentals of Rich Dad Poor Dad so I thought I'd dedicate the next couple postings to characteristics of each segment. Can you recognize yourself in any of them.

To recap, there are four quadrants ... the ones on the left are those getting income by trading dollars for hours ... they are firmly in the rat race. Those who are out of the rat race, or are getting out, gather their income from the right side of the quadrant. If you are on the left today, the goal is to start moving to the right side.

(Excerpted from Rich Dad Coaching Materials) If you’re an E (employee):

When you hear the word “secure” or “benefits,” you get a warm, fuzzy feeling. The
word “secure” is a word often used in response to the emotion of fear.

If a person feels fear, then the need for security is often a subject of conversation. This is a
“dead ringer” for someone who comes predominantly from the E quadrant. When it
comes to money and jobs, there are many people who simply hate the feeling of fear that
comes with economic uncertainty—hence the desire for security.

If you’re an E, the word “benefit” means you would also like some kind of additional

reward that is spelled out—a defined and ensured extra compensation, such as a health-care or retirement plan. The key is that you want to feel secure and see it in writing.
Uncertainty does not make you happy; certainty does. Your internal workings say, “I’ll
give you this…and you promise to give me that in return.”

As an E, you want your fear satisfied with some degree of certainty, so you seek security

and strong agreements when it comes to employment. You are accurate when you say,
“I’m not that interested in money.”

For you, the idea of security is more important than
money. Employees can be presidents of companies or janitors of companies. It is not so much what you do, but the contractual agreement you have with the person or organization that hires you.

If this sounds like you, take a note, we'll work with this information onces we looked at the other quadrants.

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