Monday, October 16, 2006

Passion ... Do you have it?

Do you have passion for your business? Can you talk with anyone about it with pride and energy? It's very easy to start a business, be energized by its potential and then slide into mediocrity. Why? For every person the reasons are different. For some, it's the thrill of the hunt (finding that new business and starting it that' s exciting). Once it's strated, the shine dulls and it becomes routing. For others, success can wear at the enthusiasm we have for a business, and for still others it can be criticism or worse ridicule that we may be subjected to along the way.

Whatever the reason, when the energy wanes or the positive motivation dulls, often it has a ripple effect on the business causing a further spin toward unprofitability.

I was sent a copy of the movie The Secret this weekend. If you haven't seen it, the cost of a download is worth it. The movie shows how the energy we are projecting, both positive and negative are attracting those things we think about towards us. That means if we are thinking about debt, bills, lack of money, we could be attracting more of it to us. The movie explains that the universe is constantly bringing us what we think about ... so why not think about positive things and have more of them come our way.

So, how does this related to the beginning of this blog? When you have passion for a business, an idea or even a person, you project that passion to others ... and guess what, the universe respond bringing more of it to you.

I am going to retire free in 3 years with cheques filling my mailbox and bank account every day ... I'm passionate about making that happen.

How about you? Take a few minutes and write it out, say it out loud. Then start making it happen for you.

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