Friday, October 20, 2006

Lemmings & Crowds

The road less travelled will sometimes take you past some interesting landmarks. All too often, some of the most beautiful sites are a short walk from the highway, or a hike up the mountain.

I recently moved from Ontario to BC and one of my favourite pastimes is hiking. I take Kayley on awesome walks that often take us to peaks in the area where we can look over a stunning vista. It is worth the sweat-equity.

When we are walking, we pass few people along the pass. There are few cars in the parking lots and even fewer hikers on trails. The herd hasn't wandered off the road yet.

The same can be said for business and investing. Quite often, those who are willing to take the road less travelled, investigate options that the herd hasn't found yet, have greater chances of return. Even more often, by the time the herd tunes into the opportunity, it's too late.

I see the same thing every day in the stock market, particularly around people who think the market is "risky". They watch and watch a particular company until everyone is talking it about it and the share price goes through the roof. That's when the inevitable person will buy only to find the company can't sustain the high price and starts to fall ... and guess what happens to the followers who waited and watched.

The same is very true when you are in business, particularly when you select a business that might be considered by many to be "risky" or leading edge. You will get all kinds of people happy to tell you that you are nuts for doing it, and watch you succeed from the sidelines. It is at that point, they'll try something quietly on the side, likely fail, and then blame the system.

What can you do? Have faith in what you are doing and keep focussed on the end result. The herd could be running for a cliff and I doubt you want to be with them.

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