Thursday, October 19, 2006

Work to Learn

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki introduces us to the concept of working to learn, not working to earn. For those who have read his books, you know he took a job at IBM to learn to sell. He worked for an investor to learn to invest. Throughout his career, he has taken jobs or positions to further his education not necessarily his income.

This is something I think we can all learn from. How many people do we know have been in the same job for many years and are simply running the treadmill. How familiar does this sound: get up, drink a coffee, get in the car, commute to work, do the job, come home, eat dinner, fall asleep unmotivated and exhausted. I'll bet anyone doing the 9-5 thing can relate. Here's the question: what are you learning between waking and bedtime. If the answer is nothing, you might want to revisit your choices.

There are a few ways to build your education without quitting your job (at least in the short term). Take a sales training course in your spare time. If you have the time and money, you could do personalized coaching: I am a huge fan of Magnetic Persuasion

The course teaches you the power of positive persuasion ... a tool we can use in all facets of our lives.

Another concept that I love about RD's recommendation about working to learn is the idea that you "want to know a little about a lot" I started my career as a journalist and what I loved about this position was learning about all different industries, businesses, politics and people. It was a dynamic (if poor paying) job that sparked my interest in lifelong learning ... and was the foundation of my outlook of today. The more time you spend investing in your education, the more you will profit in the long term.

So how do you apply what you are learning. Learn one thing, master it, then move onto the next. You then build expertise and excellence in so many areas that you have a diversified background in which to build multiple streams of income. Let me give you a tangible example, this year I've investing in sales training (through magnetic persuasion) and business planning through RD Coaching. I am now putting the skills of these courses into practice in order to "master" them.

Most people who know me, know that I am anti-JOB ... mostly because I abhor the idea of working for someone else. BUT, I would take a job if I thought there was something I could from it ... for example, I would work for a real estate agent or a mortgage broker to learn the ins and outs of this industry.

What's next? Stay tuned.

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